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Namespace: WealthLab.WPF

Create a class derived from WPF UserControl, and implement this interface to provide a Custom Settings Editor Panel for a WL8 component such as a Historical Data Provider or a Broker Provider. In order for your component to locate and use the Custom Editor, you'll also need to create a class derived from ObjectEditorBase, with the same Name as your component, and return an instance of the Editor in that class' GetCustomSettingsEditor method.

string ConfigString

Override the get accessor to return a persisted string that represents the state of the configuration, based on what the user entered in your user interface. This string is ultimately assigned to the Configuration property of the Configurable class instance that your Editor is editing.

Override the set accessor to initialize the user interface in your Editor based on the parsed value string passed here.

ICustomSettingsHost Host

Returns an instance of the ICustomSettingsHost interface, that represents the control that is hosting your Editor Panel. The Host has a method ConfigChanged that you should call whenever the users changes some user interface element in your Editor.