Strategy Backtester
Backtesting: TASC Oct 2022 (Enhanced Version)
Author: Springroll
This is an experiment with a system I "stole" from TASC Oct. 2022. Using the WL code presented there, I extended it with a long term market filter to reduce drawdowns during market meltdowns in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022. The system can be used in an aggressive mode, which provides higher profits, but also slightly expands drawdowns. The idea behind the aggressive mode would be to use it when the markets are in a clear bull mode (which could be incorporated in a next step). I have tested the system with TQQQ or QLD. QLD is less volatile and therefore has a slightly higher Sharpe Ratio. TQQQ achieves higher profits and higher drawdowns, but still shines with good metrics data.
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Data Range & Scale
The Web Backtester currently uses a Data Range of 10 years of daily data. We'll offer more options here in a future update.
Position Sizing
Starting Capital
Benchmark Symbol
Margin Factor
Sizing Method
Metric Strategy Results Benchmark Results (SPY)
Starting Capital 0.00 0.00
Profit 0.00 0.00
Profit % 0.00% 0.00%
CAGR (Annualized % Return) 0.00% 0.00%
Exposure % 0.00% 0.00%
Sharpe Ratio 0.00% 0.00%
WealthLab Score 0.00% 0.00%
Number of Positions 0.00% 0.00%
Average Profit % 0.00% 0.00%
Profit Factor 0.00% 0.00%
Payoff Ratio 0.00% 0.00%
Average Bars Held 0.00% 0.00%
NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Position Count 0.00% 0.00%
Maximum Drawdown 0.00% 0.00%
Maximum Drawdown % 0.00% 0.00%
Recovery Factor 0.00% 0.00%
Win % 0.00% 0.00%
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The most recent 100 Positions out of 1,234 total are presented here.
Symbol Position Quantity Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Bars Held Profit Profit %
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