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Published by vk on 12/5/2022
Buy the three stocks with the Lowest RSI (5). In principle you invest 33.3% on each trade. You are allways fully invested. Trading like this is a roller coaster but had a pretty good APR. It seems good to start trading Rotation Systems when the market or the R-System is down. May be it is time now (5. Dec. 2022)
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Weight Indicator
RSI(Close, 20)
Symbols to Hold
Keep Symbols with Weight Indicator Values
Rebalance Frequency
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Thanks to for providing their finantic Indicators for use free of charge here on the Web Backtester!


Rotation Strategy Tips

• Rotation Strategies are always 100% invested, and rotate in and out of the DataSet, holding a number of symbols that you specify.

• The symbols that are chosen are based on the value of a Weight Indicator.

• You control whether the Rotation Strategy keeps the symbols with the lowest or highest Weight Indicator values.

• You determine how often the Strategy reallocates its positions by settings its Rebalance frequency.