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I have a problem and I'm hoping there is a simple solution to it. Like some type of setting. I have the same code running on both machines but get different results as profit %'s along with entry times, entry prices. I'm using a 5-minute timeframe for 10 months even though there doesn't look like there is 10 months of data.

I have a development laptop running Windows 11 Home and I have another older laptop running Windows 10 Pro. I uninstalled both copies and reinstalled WL8-34 on each machine using TDA. When uninstalling, how can I remove all traces of WL8? It doesn't seem like it's removing everything. Why do I say that? Because WL8 still has my previous strategies. I normally use Wise Program Uninstaller to uninstall my programs, but it wouldn't let me uninstall WL8 because it stated there is a difference between the exe and msi, so I couldn't use that.

WIn 10 Pro machine

Win 11 Home machine

I'm hoping for some simple explanation. I would appreciate any comments.
Please let me know if you need more screenshots.

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1. Are there NSF Positions (see Metrics)? You can get different results even on the same machine.

2. If that's not it, are the data file(s) exactly the same? You can start by checking that the number of bars are precisely equal.

3. And then there's:
a. Preferences > Backtest Settings
b. Strategy Settings
c. The order of checked Historical Data Providers (from top to bottom) in the Data Manager
d. Markets & Symbols

All the same?

There's a difference with the second trade. Find out why that is. That's a good place to start.
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You should copy the data files over from PC1 to PC2.