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Shadow Trader
Published by Glitch on 12/14/2022
I'm considering adding this to my trading MetaStrategy, but only trading one symbol at a time while it is long. It performs well on stocks like SIRI that have been trading in a range. I remember reading a book that called these "Rolling Stocks." The Strategy enters multiple positions and enters when the 8 period RSI crosses under an oversold level. However, it ignores the first such time this happens. It takes trades on SUBSEQUENT crossings before the RSI goes overbought. In effect it maintains a "Shadow Position" = hence the name.
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C# Strategy Tips

• Strategies are coded in the C# language and utilize the Microsoft .NET framework.

• Your Strategy is a .NET class derived from the UserStrategyBase base class.

• Override Initialize to perform one-time tasks like creating indicators.

• Override Execute, which is called once for every bar of data being processed, to implement your trading rules.

• Check the Online WealthLab Framework Reference for documentation on classes and methods.