Wealth-Lab is like you've never seen it before, but with all the features that you've come to expect. Create powerful strategies with the new and colourful Strategy Building Blocks. Find Easter eggs like Indicator Sets for charts and change chart themes with one click. Simultaneous connections for multiple brokerages. And yes, Auto Trade!
Wealth-Lab has numerous different charting styles, and you can create your own. Work with charts in any time scale, including tick and volume bars. Annotate your charts with trendlines, Fibonacci, and other drawing tools.
Having good data for backtesting is the backbone of your trading operation. Wealth-Lab supports dozens of data providers, and we offer the amazing Wealth-Data right out of the box. This includes dynamic DataSets like the Dow 30 and Nasdaq 100 that contain the real world modifications of the indices over time.
Drag and Drop
Not a programmer? Not a problem. Everyone can do drag and drop… and that’s all you need to get the job done. Countless variations - easier than the "easy (iest) language".
Portfolio Backtesting
Backtest and optimize on one instrument or an entire portfolio. Use a major index like the Nasdaq 100 and get an accurate simulation that accounts for changing constituents! Test anything. Moon phase? How many inches of snow in Central Park? Can do!
Automated Trading
You've developed and backtested a strategy that works, now it's time for the real battle with Mr. Market. Let Wealth-Lab trigger your strategies' trades using real time data and fully automate order placement with one of several live brokerage connections that we offer.
Extensive Performance Reports
Countless performance metrics, graphs, and reports. This goes for optimizations too, including "Parameter Stability" 3D graphs. Like the rest of Wealth-Lab, this is all extendable with extensions we provide, or you can build yourself.



  • Industry-standard portfolio backtesting executes strategies for each symbol in synch, on a bar-by-bar basis
  • High speed backtesting built on latest .NET Core technology fully utilizes multi-core CPUs
  • Backtest on as much data (symbols, bars, etc.) your RAM can handle
  • Easily design strategies that rotate into and out of symbols based on some indicator/weight factor
  • Effortless backtesting of multiple system on multiple portfolios via graphical MetaStrategy wizard
  • Supercharged indicators that do heaps more than typical data smoothers and oscillators do. Plot and trade with market sentiment, company fundamentals, economic data, market indices and aggregate indicators!
  • Sophisticated position sizing, scaling in/out and equity curve trading
  • Support for typical and custom bar intervals (tick, second, minute, daily and up)
  • Multiple time frame analysis
  • Use external symbols to create strategies like pairs trading, spreads, intermarket etc.
  • Supports stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies, funds and more with attention to the instrument's market hours
  • Detailed trade listing and backtest reports for overall strategy performance, drawdown analysis, profit distribution, MFE/MAE, by period analysis, and more
  • Import historical trades from your broker's export file and run them as a backtest with Trade History
  • The Strategy Monitor allows seamless handling and managing trade alerts produced by multiple strategies running with custom time frame, data, and sizing in one convenient window where each strategy can connect to its own account at any supported broker!
  • Let Wealth-Lab's Genetic Evolver automatically generate and evolve Strategies generation after generation, until you are left with the best ones
  • With Strategy Rankings, compare backtest results side-by-side for a list a strategies applied to different portfolios, time frames, data ranges and position sizing

Strategy Building Blocks

  • Interactive wizard for drag & drop strategy creation using flexible Building Blocks
  • Great for traders who don't want to write strategy code
  • Useful for experienced users interested in rapid prototyping
  • Various entry types and powerful rules, conditions, and qualifiers
  • Easily backtest strategies based on trendlines, chart patterns, or even chart style rules (Kagi, Point & Figure, Line Break, Renko)
  • Build more complex Strategies that use "fuzzy logic" with Multi-Condition Groups


  • Wide range of drawing tools (trendlines, parallel lines, speed resistance lines, regression channels, Fibonacci, drawing figures, and more)
  • Drag-and-drop creation of “indicator of an indicator”
  • Hundreds of technical indicators in built-in and extension indicator libraries
  • Combine indicators by smoothing them with a moving average, performing mathematical operation on them, scaling to another bar scale - no programming required
  • Create multi-symbol plots for trading spreads, composite indexes, relative performance charts, and artificial data
  • Supports tick, second, minute, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly charts with custom multipliers (8-Hour, 100-Tick etc.)
  • Chart styles galore: Line, Bar, Candle, EquiCandle, EquiVolume, Kagi, Line Break, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Point & Figure, Volume Profile
  • Multiple windows, workspaces panes, scales, intervals possible at the same time
  • Great for multiple monitors
  • Jump from trade to trade on a chart with Positions Navigator in a snap


  • True portfolio optimization, 2D and 3D surface charts for robustness analysis
  • Built-in Exhaustive and Shrinking Window optimization
  • Walk Forward Optimization is built in
  • Long optimization runs can be saved to and later resumed from a file
  • Possible to develop and plug in your own optimization methods


  • Free yourself from survivorship bias and data spikes with built-in Wealth-Data provider! For supported indices you get access to top quality EOD data (including delisted symbols) which is curated with custom algorithms to exclude non-tradeable data, carefully processed corporate events, DataSets automatically adjusting to index composition changes and more.
  • Supports historical (daily and intraday), realtime, fundamental, market sentiment, economic and historical news data from lots of data vendors
  • Comes out of the box with free daily and intraday data providers for stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Fast local historical data storage to keep backfill data accessible at any time
  • Automatically falls back to next best data provider if vendor of choice has data issues
  • Native support for ASCII and Metastock data, MetaTrader and other data sources through extensions
  • Includes always up-to-date DataSets for major U.S. and world indices
  • DataSets can auto-update their composition periodically - think "recent IPOs" (and other corporate events - more to come)
  • Historical data corrections and integrity checks

Real-time features

  • Multiple data vendors supported via data provider extensions (IQFeed, Tiingo, TwelveData, and dozens more)
  • Save money on data subscriptions by using your broker's data feed


  • Automated trading with major brokers (Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Alpaca)
  • Integrated with Kraken and Binance for trading Crypto currencies
  • Automated Paper trading and manual order placement are fully supported
  • Trade multiple strategies real-time with multiple brokers!
  • Load open orders from your broker into Wealth-Lab


  • Publish signals to your WealthSignals.com strategies and earn money from subscribers!
  • Download trading signals from WealthSignals systems you subscribed to and easily route to the desired broker

Programming and Extensibility

  • Automatic code generation for drag-and-drop indicators and strategies created using Building Blocks
  • Powerful and easy C# programming language in the built-in Editor, possible to use any .NET language in custom strategy libraries developed in Visual Studio, VS Code etc.
  • Version control support: strategy code can be linked to an external file
  • Connect 3rd party .NET libraries to extend the capabilities
  • Create own libraries of reusable methods and functions
  • Seamlessly integrate your own broker and data providers, optimization techniques, position sizing methods, compiled strategies, reusable method libraries, interactive graphical performance visualizers, and more