Historical Data Provider for free intraday FOREX data. Works with FOREX data files downloaded from various sources. Unzips the zip files, parses the resulting CSV files and imports the data into Wealth-Lab.
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There are several sources for free historical intraday FOREX data. Usually, these Data Providers allow free download of CSV files or zipped files. Reading these files into Wealth-lab can cause headaches or it is simply not possible. The finantic.FOREX extension is a Historical Data Provider that makes such files available for Wealth-lab. The extension unzips the zip files, parses the resulting CSV files and imports the data into Wealth-Lab.


  • Unzips .ZIP files on the fly
  • No complicated format descriptions necessary. File formats are pre-configured
  • Generates a nice symbol description
  • Uses WL's permanent storage for best possible performance
  • Seamless data update: Just download the latest files to your disk. WL will use the latest data automatically.

Supported Providers


52 pairs, 3 years


66 pairs, up to 23 years


80 pairs, 200'000 bars.


18 pairs, 22 years

Advanced Features

The finantic.FOREX extension is completely configurable. It is possible to add another data source/file format by adding a format specification to the FormatSpecs.xml file.


Historical Providers
finantic.FOREX adds an Historical Data Provider to Data Manger's list of data providers, which is shown if you click "New DataSet."
Creating a new DataSet
The "Create a New DataSet" wizard of finantic.FOREX lets you configure a new DataSet, which will contain a set of CSV files or zipped data files.
In the Data Manager
The DataSet shows up in Data Manager's list of Historical Providers. Here you see all details of this DataSet and can change some configuration settings.
Updating a DataSet
From here it is just a few clicks to update the DataSet by downloading the latest files from the data provider's download page.
Example Strategy Included
The finantic.FOREX Extension comes with an example strategy that produces intraday profiles for individual FOREX pairs.

Change Log

Wealth-Lab 8 Build 2 - 12/31/2023
  • Works with Non-US number format settings.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 1 - 11/15/2023

Initial Release

4 Historical Data Providers:

  • Dukascopy
  • ForexTrader
  • forexsoftware
  • HistData