A historical data provider for WL8 which combines data form several providers to produce data with a very low error rate.
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"a good backtest requires good data" - Dr. Rene Koch

finantic.BestData is a historical data provider (HDP) for Wealth-Lab 8 (WL8). It combines data from several providers and generates data with a very low error rate.

To learn more about this extension, visit the website here.


The third party data is subject to the availability of the respective provider (website) and may be delayed or inaccessible periodically due to network or technical reasons. As the data is not guaranteed to be accurate, it is your responsibility to confirm that it does not contain errors before utilizing it for any type of backtesting or trading activities. Quantacula LLC is not to be held liable for any errors in market data or its inavailability.


Create a New DataSet with the BestData Provider
If you go to Data Manager -> New Data Set you can combine a selection of available data providers:
Show Error Statistics of Available Providers
After you create and populate your new BestData DataSet you may display error statistics for the providers used in Data Manager->Historical Providers, Data Provider-Specific Settings for a BestData data source.
Test and Diagnosis Strategies
The finantic.bestData extension comes with two WL7 coded startegies:
Strategy TestBestData
This strategy produces a chart with Bestdata statistics on a bar-by-bar basis:
Strategy SymbolsDetails
This strategy produces a table with bestdata statistics on a symbol-by-symbol basis. The table can be found in the Debug Log of the strategy:

Change Log

Wealth-Lab 8 Build 1 - 5/20/2022
  • First release for WealthLab 8.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 4 - 12/30/2021
  • Changes to adapt to WL7 framework changes in Build 43.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 3 - 12/19/2021
  • Fixed "New DataSet" Crash.
  • Added Help Pages.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 2 - 3/23/2021
  • Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 1 - 3/9/2021
  • Baseline release.