Fundamental Extensions
A collection of fundamental data providers
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Fundamental Extensions

Fundamental Extensions is for you if you're after making trading decisions based on research in company financials and non-price events. Get a competitive edge with another dimension of data which includes but is not limited to quarterly and yearly fundamentals for U.S. stocks:

  • Fundamentals
    • quarterly historical fundamentals for U.S. stocks by YCharts (free but limited)
    • get access to thousands of quarterly historical fundamental items for U.S. companies using YCharts official API (subscription based)
    • Next Earnings Date - returns the date of the next scheduled earnings report
  • Dividends - free historical dividend data for U.S. and world stocks from Morningstar
  • Earnings - free historical adjusted earnings data for U.S. stocks by Zacks
  • Insider transactions - free and extensive history of insider transactions for U.S. stocks such as: OpenInsider, InsiderCow
  • Analyst ratings - free historical analyst ratings data for U.S. stocks by MarketBeat
  • News - free historical news with good relevance by SeekingAlpha
  • Upcoming Events - includes Next Earnings Date and Upcoming Dividends


The third party data is subject to the availability of the respective provider (website) and may be delayed or inaccessible periodically due to network or technical reasons. As the data is not guaranteed to be accurate, it is your responsibility to confirm that it does not contain errors before utilizing it for any type of backtesting or trading activities. Quantacula LLC is not to be held liable for any errors in market data or its inavailability.


Adjusted EPS
Historical adjusted EPS data by Zacks in a chart popup
Analyst Ratings
Historical analyst ratings data in a chart popup
Insider Transactions
Historical insider transactions data in a chart popup
Historical news data by SeekingAlpha in a chart popup

Change Log

Wealth-Lab 8 Build 15 - 5/23/2024
  • Fix: Morningstar dividends are plotted with 1 day delay.
  • Fix: MarketBeat analyst ratings failed to update.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 14 - 4/23/2024
  • New! The NextDividend indicator counts down the days to the next ex-dividend Date. For dividends in the future, you must enable the Nasdaq Provider Dividend event (Data Extensions Build 23 required).
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 13 - 2/23/2024
  • Fix: NextEarningsDate event provider (stopped returning dates due to backend changes).
  • Fix: EPS Surprises v2 and Rising EPS Trend sample strategies (required a using clause and null protection).
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 12 - 2/9/2024
  • Target .NET8.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 11 - 11/12/2023
  • Rebuild to adapt to changes in the base WL8 framework.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 10 - 7/7/2023
  • Change: added certain ETFs (SPXL, TQQQ, NUGT) to an exclusion list for earnings requests - should speed up the Next Earnings Date provider.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 9 - 6/14/2023
  • Fix: Event providers don't update some event items intermittently (Morningstar, YChars, Zacks)
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 8 - 2/10/2023
  • Upgrade to latest version of Newtonsoft Json support library.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 7 - 1/31/2023
  • Build to adapt to some namespace changes in WL8 framework.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 6 - 1/6/2023
  • Added rate limiting to YCharts.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 5 - 7/8/2022
  • Restored MorningStar Event Provider after work done to adapt to changes at
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 4 - 6/27/2022
  • Data Providers are now more careful about checking Offline Mode before making web requests (requires WL8 Build 10+).
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 3 - 5/26/2022
  • Fix for dividends in YCharts (broken by B2).
  • Workaround for website returning only 1 year of free data (now up to 5).
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 2 - 5/2/2022
  • Fixed some data issues for customers with non-USD regional settings.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 1 - 4/10/2022
  • Initial WL8 release.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 12 - 2/17/2022
  • Internal changes to adapt to changes in WL7 Build 49.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 11 - 2/7/2022
  • Added NextEarnings Indicator to return the number of days until the next earnings report.
  • Added a "News (brief)" event to SeekingAlpha for icon reduction.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 10 - 1/19/2022
  • YCharts Event Provider (free data) now supports dividends for mutual funds.
  • YCharts: speed up by skipping requests for unsupported symbols.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 9 - 1/10/2022
  • Fixed MarketBeat Provider which had been broken by a provider web site update.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 8 - 12/21/2021
  • Changes to adapt to WL7 framework changes in Build 42.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 7 - 11/30/2021
  • Minor changes to take advantage of better data loading mechanisms in WL7 Build 37.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 6 - 10/5/2021
  • Added logic to speed up backtests if an Event Provider is checked by avoiding excessive data requests.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 5 - 9/29/2021
  • Event Providers will not make requests if symbol is a Wealth-Data delisted stock.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 4 - 8/8/2021
  • Fixed Zacks earnings provider broken by URL change.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 3 - 6/22/2021
  • Morningstar to download a longer dividend history.
  • Morningstar: added choice for classic/new dividend sources.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 2 - 5/4/2021
  • Fixed Morningstar's broken Dividend item.
  • Requires WL Build 8 to work.
Wealth-Lab 7 Build 1 - 3/9/2021
  • Baseline release.