SH reverse split not reflected
Author: giorgos
Creation Date: 6/26/2016 12:54 PM
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In my portfolio "Portfolio Management - High Return, Very small drawdown" the SH split is not reflected can you please correct. Thanks
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Thanks for the heads-up. The split is missing. We'll investigate.
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Fidelity data provider is also unable to process reverse split.
Data down loader when updating prices reaches a stock with reverse split, it creates an action
e.g. Processing 1:10 Stock Split for CRC .
but after a while it terminates the update. So any stock after this ticker is never updated. Only way to get past this stock is to remove the stock (you can re add this stock after few days and then it works fine). I have noticed this for recent reverse split of SH, DUST, WRK, CRC.
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Right, even though WealthSignals doesn't use Fidelity data. We've got this live bug in the Fidelity static provider reported to the developers and covered on the Open Issues page with 2 or 3 workarounds.
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The SH split has been applied.
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