IQFeed streaming provider does not support Paper accounts
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 1/13/2021 3:35 PM
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Now that I have uninstalled IBProvider I'm trying to do some paper trading.

In the strategy monitor I have added my strategy with these settings:
paper account 1 (configured with $10,000)
$1,000 raw profit position size
15 minute scale
use preferred strategy parameter values assigned in optimization (I set these value to the highest profit factor for each symbol)
automatically stage orders from strategy alerts
I've selected the correct data set
I've activated the strategy, and have auto-place turned on

In the orders window I see a list of many of the symbols from the dataset. Many of the orders are listed as active.

I don't see any positions listed in the account balances and positions window under the paper account 1 tab.

When I first started everything up the error in the attached image popped up.

Is there a fix for this problem?


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You must have an old version of the IQFeed Provider.
Open Tools > Extension Manager and click on the Updates button in the upper right. Make sure to download and install the latest version of IQFeed.
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That fixed it. Thanks very much.
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