How to set up multi-currency futures trading?
Author: totick
Creation Date: 1/18/2010 1:59 PM
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I am a trend follower. It seems to me that futures trading is much easier to make money in trend followers.
1. Would you please give me a setup procedure for multi-currency :
I use the ASCII file to import the data
How do I need to setup the currency symbol to let the Wealth-Lab knows this symbols and can calculate currency conversion in portfolio.
2. Can I create a portfolio which crosses the 2 different Data-Set

Thanks !
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Sorry, but multi-currency support is not on the radar for the moment.
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I stumbled upon this old thread and I would like to add that our BTAnalytics application offers a simple solution to the problem of multi-currency simulations.

Read this article about Multi-Currency Simulations to discover how easy it is with BTAnalytics to combine strategies that operate with instruments denominated in different currencies.


Carlos pérez
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