Eligibility for Authoring to WealthSignals platform
Author: da42007
Creation Date: 9/6/2016 1:40 PM
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Is the WealthSignals service restricted to US-based customers only?
Thank you.
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There's no such restriction. Any Wealth-Lab Pro/Developer customer can become a WealthSignals system author.
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I signed up several days ago but can't see a way to track/communicate about my system. what do I do to have the system work in the sandbox?
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Not sure what you mean by saying "communicate": systems in the sandbox are only visible to their authors (you). To offer your service to potential subscribers, your system has to go through the probation period first. If you wish to become a WealthSignals author, you'll find comprehensive information on how to accomplish that here:

WealthSignals Legal Disclosures and Policies
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Thanks !
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Eugene. Hi!

I have filled out the information re my new strategy
called Blind Monkey but I can’t see it anywhere.

I would like to trade it and edit it.

Where do I do both?

Thanks in advance.

- Rick
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Hi Rick,

Since neither your new question nor the one in post #3 above have had anything to do with topic starter's original question re: WS eligibility, please search the forum and if an answer wasn't found, simply start a new thread for your question:


Appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep the forum searchable and accessible. Thanks.
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