Does anyone know of a good free C# library for generating histograms?
Author: sedelstein
Creation Date: 1/4/2018 5:12 PM
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Hello All

I'm generating data from a a symbols history and would like to graph the output in a classic histogram.
I'm looking around the web for one and I'm sure I'll find one but was curious if anyone on the forum had suggestions or use one they particularly like

Thanks for the help

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Hi Steve,

You don't need really no free C# libraries. Stick with MS Chart - it's built-in .NET framework. Just a couple of examples:

Trade Graphs | Profit vs Bars held
Trade Graphs | Profit By Month
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P.S. Here's an introduction:
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Thanks Eugene

I'll check it out. I am looking to bin n-bar returns over a time period and plot in a historgram
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Hello Eugene

Thanks for this and I almost have it. I know this is outside the realm of WealthLab forum help but a little hint will help me go a long way with this.
I've coded up the following (after looking at the links you posted) and now just want to figure out how to get the script to pause while I view the chart created.

Like I said, beyond the scope, but I'm really only a C# hack so whatever you might have to offer is appreciated.

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WealthScript Strategy is not meant to instantiate and show Forms (it won't work). You have to develop a performance visualizer. Get SharpDevelop, grab the demo source code below and see the difference:

MS123 Visualizers - Download Demo Project Source Code
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