Chaikin Money Flow doesn't work on mutual funds
Author: rptrader1
Creation Date: 4/5/2020 12:56 AM
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Hi - does anyone know why I do not see any data for the CMF for Mutual Funds for Fidelity data source?
Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards
Ravi Palaiyanur
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why I do not see any data for the CMF for Mutual Funds for Fidelity ...?
The Chaikin Money Flow oscillator (CMF) is a Wealth-Lab indicator. It requires "Bars" input to work, which includes nonzero volume data. If you open a Chart window and plot a Fidelity mutual fund, you'll see the volume data is all zeros. Therefore, the CMF indicator cannot work.

If you're asking why Fidelity does not include volume data for its mutual funds (so a CMF series can be computed), you'll need to call Fidelity for that answer.
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Here's a power user tip for you. Our Wiki* has a map of data providers with a summary of what markets, exchanges and countries each applies to. I've highlighted "funds" on it for easier recognition:

Wealth-Lab Data Providers

*If it doesn't load in your browser, see last post here:

As you can see, there are at least 3 free (Yahoo, Quotemedia and Tiingo) and 1 subscription-based (IQFeed) sources that supports data for funds. Now let's see if some of them contain volume:

1. Yahoo's Top Mutual Funds Screener. Click on any fund, select "Historical Data", make sure the Volume column is empty.
2. QuoteMedia, look up any fund e.g. Note the Volume column: it's empty.
3. Finally, Tiingo. Look up a fund on their website to make sure its "Mkt. Cap" is empty which suggests there's no data for volume:

Let's search some web for you:

Where can I find mutual fund trading volumes?
Where can I find Mutual fund trading volume data on a daily basis?

Bottom line: there's virtually no Volume data for funds.
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