Backtesting subjective setup, placing virtual orders in chart
Author: edrus
Creation Date: 5/24/2020 5:25 PM
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I'm a newcomer...

Is there a way to place and execute virtual orders in chart mode and get the final performance? I don't want to use real accounts... just playing with my strategies to check how effective they are...

If I could place the order without creating rule based or coded strategy will save me a lot of time.
I have many subjective strategies, and they are very complicated to code.

I'm using a new dataset with ascii data.

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You can place orders as they come using the right-click trading feature (try it on a chart). It's called paper trading. Orders are placed for the next bar. For more information please refer to the Wealth-Lab User Guide (Help menu).

To backtest historic orders Wealth-Lab lets one import a history of real trades from CSV files using this solution: Import real (historical) trades (not available in free trial mode).
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