ASCII Files provider missing after update from 6.9.15 to 6.9.23
Author: tradecom
Creation Date: 7/15/2020 1:38 PM
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After updating from 6.9.15 to 6.9.23 the import of ASCII Files is not possible. I just see MetaStock Data and Wealth-Data! How can I fix that?

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Hmm, the upgrade process somehow hasn't migrated the Market Manager library (a required component) for you. It happens with InstallShield.

Having encountered an error message or an issue, please always check out these pages:

1. Known Errors
2. Open Issues

In particular, this problem can be fixed by following this procedure:

Errors | Data > Some DataSets are gone. Some previously installed providers can't be found.

Simply put, just reinstall the ASCII provider from our website and restart WLD. This will reinstall the Market Manager and all dependent providers (ASCII, Database, DDE, Dukascopy, Finam, Forexite, IQFeed, MetaTrader, QuoteMedia etc.) will re-appear.

P.S. If the site seems down, see post #21: Is Wiki down?

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