Yahoo has stopped updating ^DJI ^DJA ^DJU ^DJT
Author: bgood
Creation Date: 9/8/2012 1:09 AM
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I had not noticed that several long term indicies stopped updating. Specifically ^DJI, ^DJA, ^DJU, ^DJT stopped working. These symbols still work at, but they have not updated since 6/30/2012 or 7/5/2012. The ^DJI symbol went back to 1929. What do I need to do to get these symbols working again?
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You should contact Yahoo technical support. It's 100% their problem.
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Or maybe it's even intentional, I don't know. But they made it impossible to download data for these indices from their website.
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Please note that ^GSPC (s&p 500) still downloads the most current data. I don't know what this means, but perhaps it adds a clue. I also noticed that ^dji stopped updating as of 6/29.
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It's still possible to "Download data to spreadsheet" for ^GSPC (scroll down to the bottom):

^GSPC Historical Prices

Yahoo has removed the possibility to download the data from the ^DJI page:

^DJI Historical Prices

It's beyond our power to help this. Please contact Yahoo Finance technical support.
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A search on google turned this up:
If you cannot download data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it is because Yahoo! is no longer licensed to provide data downloads for the Dow Jones Index.

At this time, Dow Jones Industrial Average [^DJI] data can only be viewed on the screen. It can no longer be downloaded.

The link is
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Great, thanks for solving the mystery. Let's have a summary (data providers that still deliver are highlighted in bold):

* Yahoo Finance: ^DJI doesn't work
* Google Finance: same. INDEXDJX:.DJI can't be reached by the provider
* MSN Moneycentral: still available for download as $DJI
* QuoteMedia: works (^DJI)
* Dukascopy: works (D&J-IND)
* BBFree: works (INDU:IND)

I haven't checked IQFeed for I couldn't find the ticker, but it's a paid data feed so the symbol should be available. Note that MSN comes with WL6 out of the box, others should be downloaded from our website, Extensions section.

So, it's not a big deal when data providers are "diversified".
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"QuoteMedia: works (^DJI)": Unfortunately not, because it uses data from yahoo. If you take a look in your backtest, data for DJI haven't been updated since May.
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Neither one of your statements holds true.

1. QuoteMedia uses its own data - not Yahoo's.
2. The QuoteMedia symbol ^DJI is up to date (last date: 10/26/2012, bars: 13304).
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