Wish possible to save and retrieve backtest result
Author: swuzy
Creation Date: 6/20/2009 3:46 PM
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Sometimes time is short for detailed analysis and comparison of many different strategies and many different datasets.

Just finding time to run a number of sets now and then can take some time.

Wish it is possible to easily save backtest results of strategy runs, and also easily retrieve it (inclusive of various tabbed analysis views) later to view in backtest window.

Wish it is possible to edit saved file to excise the strategy script itself, and still be able to display the performance results (and the various sub tab results) without the strategy script itself, for sharing.
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This is what Reports-Lab used to do in WL4.
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Stumbled onto this old post. This feature request has been implemented:

Snapshots: Reports-Lab successor for Wealth-Lab 6 (free)
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I would like to add that our BTAnalytics tool is used to store simulations, analyze them in-depth and MUCH more!

BTAnalytics is like the old Reports-Lab but much more powerful.

Take a look at this overview video showing how powerful BTAnalytics is.

You can learn more on the BTAnalytics web site.

Remember also to check our BTUtils for Wealth-Lab toolset that dramatically speeds up the backtests and optimizations in Wealth-Lab.

Carlos pérez
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