WLP 6.9.22 - Your browser is not supported
Author: indigo69
Creation Date: 5/22/2020 3:40 AM
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I'm evaluating Fidelity WLPx64 in Win7x64 and it has an outdated version of IE.
The reason is I don't use IE for anything, but I do apply all the other critical OS patches.
I'm using the latest version of Firefox x64 (76.0.1)

I've changed the OS default browser settings with:

Control panel -> default programs -> set default programs
change Firefox to be default

Control panel -> default programs -> set program access and computer defaults
non Microsoft change to Firefox

Control panel -> default programs -> associate file with a program
change .url extension to use Firefox
change .htm extension to use Firefox
change .html extension to use Firefox


search config files containing "digital.fidelity.com" in %AppData% - not found
search config files containing "digital.fidelity.com" in C:\Program Files\Fidelity Investments\Wealth-Lab Pro 6
not found

Also search registry for digital.fidelity.com - not found.
I searched google for site:www.wealth-lab.com/Forum/Posts/ "Your browser is not supported"
I'm not seeing issues posted about this.
Also tried: Strike Ctrl-K key to close the window and restart WLP. Same error repeats.

I need some help to change the default WLP browser to Firefox.
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The IE engine is used internally by a .NET control used by WL to render Strategy description, Home Page etc. Could you update IE in Windows 7? If not, please consider changing to a supported operating system like Windows 10 because Windows 7 is basically dead.
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I was afraid of that .net and IE are heavily integrated it seems. Will IE 10 work for WLP.

Thanks for the quick reply!
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Sorry, I have no idea whether IE10 would work but it sounds really out of date. At least version 11 has been available so you might try it:


The WebBrowser control uses whatever version of IE is installed on your PC, but this SO post suggests that for compatibility reasons it will render pages in IE7 Standards mode by default, and describes a way to change this behavior:


IE11 Document mode defaults to IE7. How to reset?

You do it at your own risk. This is totally unsupported by us, so please don't even ask. ;)
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Just to update, I was not able to get IE9 to work with WLP 6.9.22. I did't do extensive testing with IE9. WLP works in Win7 with IE10 as a minimum browser. I think there are higher levels of encryption in IE10 to support it as the minimum requirement.

Moving to Windows 8 and IE 11, with classic shell, for updated patch support. Since I don't care for windows 10.
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I've been a Classic Shell user on Windows 10 since day one.
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