Top 25 ChartScripts by WL Score
Author: zozzy
Creation Date: 5/11/2010 9:34 AM
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Earlier, while browsing thru the and WL5 Wiki sites, I saw someplace "Top 25 ChartScripts by WL Score". It was a listing of Chartscripts ranked by wealth-Lab Score. I've been looking every where on both sites trying to find the list again, but have been unable to locate it.

Can anyone tell me where this list is?
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It's still on the old site, (and nowhere else).
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Dear WL Forum Managers,

Is there any possibility of re-viving the Top 25 ChartScripts using various alternative standard sortable measurements?

Sure the old version resulted in a lot of worthless junk being generated, and a lot of stuff being optimized in some non-real-world fashion merely for the WL Score only.

But still it generated a huge amount of interest, user traffic, efforts at strategy improvements / enhancements, spinning off a large number of public strategy scripts, a huge amount of discussions, questions and feedback, it was a very useful learning tool center with lots of spin offs.

I am sure a lot of users miss it besides me. If there is uncertainty as to its popularity, perhaps you should simply take a user's poll.

Thanks for your kind consideration.
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ChartScripts at are still ranked on a monthly basis.
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