Taipan EOD Provider
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 10/20/2009 5:13 AM
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New data provider for Wealth-Lab Developer 5.5 and higher has been published:

Taipan EOD Provider by Michael Schlegel

Thank you for the excellent contribution, Michael.
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Hallo Michael,
wenn Sie eine Schnittstelle für TP-Daten erstellt haben,
nehme ich an, daß Sie Deutsch sprechen. Bei dem Versuch
eine neue Datenquelle -hier TP EoD Daten - hinzuzufügen,
erhalte ich die Fehlermeldung:
Die Datei oder Assembly " Interop. TPACC20.Version ... wurde nicht gefunden. Das System kann
die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

ich benutze TP 8.0 .
Was kann ich tun, um diese Erweiterung zu nutzen?

Mit freundlichem Gruß

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To all TP users:

Unfortunately, the file Interop.TPACC20.dll is missing in the uploaded Extension. To make the provider work, visit this Wiki page to download the missing file:

WL5 Wiki > Taipan EOD static data provider
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I have some minor problems with TaiPan 14 and the WL extension.
After some new TaiPan releases the extension might need an update.
How can I contact the author ?

Regards, Rene
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The author (waynem59) has stopped using Wealth-Lab Developer many years ago so it's unlikely that contacting him would help.
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In addition to post #3.

One more thing about the Wiki instruction that was sort of missing in it. As you know this is a legacy solution. With the advent of Win7/8/10, something has changed with regard to security. In modern operating systems one has to take an extra step before Wealth-Lab is able to recognize the file:

1. From the ZIP you've just downloaded from the Wiki, extract DLL where it says to
2. Right click on the new DLL file and open Properties
3. Uncheck "Downloaded from the internet" and click Apply
4. Restart WLD
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it works,but not correct.
Very slow, there are some erors,
Eugene, you have right:

We have now
WIN 10
TaiPan, version 16.0

TaiPan has the possibility to export the data in MetaStock directories;
this is the better way.

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That's good news to hear. Certainly MS should be optimal since it's native .NET (no COM legacy anymore) and 64-bit.
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Maybe can anyone help me!
I have put this file Interop.TPACC20.dll in Wealth-Lab Developer 6.

I cannot find this on!
right click the DLL file, uncheck "Downloaded from the internet" and Apply, and restart WLD.

At the moment I get this error message.

Info: I am currently using a demo account to test this data Provider.
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You can't find it because Microsoft has changed the wording in Windows 10:

How to unblock files downloaded from Internet in Windows 10

Now you have to explicitly check "Unblock" and OK/Apply. (I've updated the Wiki).

Note that the provider is completely unsupported. It's hard to imagine that it wouldn't be broken after not being updated in 10 years! ;)
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Thanks Eugene.
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