Sub indices on Dow like $DJUSPL on Yahoo
Author: kephin
Creation Date: 4/17/2020 8:37 AM
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I've looked for this in threads but can't find answer so apologies if it's somewhere.

Dow Jones has sectors and sub-indices
I'm trying to get the sub-index to work on yahoo and think you use a ^ instead of $ (see below)


convert into


But they don't seem to work on WL via the Yahoo link....Any ideas? Some other egs below.

Nonferrous Metals ^DJUSNF
Aluminium ^DJUSAL
Commodity Chemicals ^DJUSCC
Specialty Chemicals ^DJUSCX
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WL has nothing to do with it. You should always double check symbols at the source. Open and check for yourself whether your symbols exist in Yahoo or not. Use lookup if necessary. Unless a symbol is valid at their website and there's "Historical data" tab for it, you're out of luck.
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