SCTR.cs missing from Community Indicators
Author: jbmia
Creation Date: 3/8/2020 2:01 PM
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Hi Folks,

I'm new to Wealth Lab and looking to get up to speed on WealthScript. I'm working in Virtual Studio and building the various charts and styles in order to get rolling and while doing so ran across this error when attempting to build the community indicators project:

Error CS2001 Source file 'C:\Users\john\source\repos\Wealth Lab\Community\WealthLab.Indicators.Community\Community.Indicators\Miscellaneous\SCTR.cs' could not be found."

I've downloaded the attachment and extracted it without any intervention in the folder structure so I'm pretty sure I didn't accidentally delete it...

Is this simply a missing file in the download or am I missing something in the process?

(see screenshot attachment)


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Hi John,

Good catch, thanks. Indeed the file was missing. Please download the ZIP file again.
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Thank you sir. Will do.
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