Request to add a "trader journal" inside the Portfolio Inspector
Author: abegy
Creation Date: 3/9/2020 4:59 PM
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Hi Eugene,

Inside the PROREALTIME platform, there is a feature that we haven't in our soft.
It is about the possibility to manage a "Trading journal" :
Thanks to this feature, you can add chronologic annotations in there portfolio/strategy views.

In my point of view, this feature is important when you trade lives your strategies because you always have differences between your backtest and your real account. So, you need to track why.

Because of that, I see an interest to have a similar feature to keep a track for example about :
- missing trades because of technical problems
- real price slippages to compare with the backtest parameter
- special events (like coronavirus ;-))
- difference of size positions due to quantities undelivered
- strategy modification history
- special company events
- etc...

As you know, a successful trader should track everything to be able to progress.

As inside the Portfolio Inspector, you already have the possibility to see day by day everything, why not to add a new tab to offer the possibility to add annotations and display them in the equity curve ?

In any case, thanks for your time that you will take to study this suggestion.
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Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for your suggestions, as always. It's a very interesting idea and you're correct that it would require some good study before even considering it. At the moment you could use the tools already available:

* Missing trades, real price slippages, special company events... - Since these events apply on a per symbol basis the optimal place would be the chart itself where you could highlight a trade/bar with the help of the Callout or Text Note tool.

As you click on the equity curve, the "Portfolio By..." views get changed. Once you find a Position in question, double-click on it to center the Wealth-Lab chart on that trade.

* Strategy modification history: brought to you by the Snapshots visualizer. That's your automated strategy "audit" tool.

* And of course, "Edit Description..." on the Strategy Summary tab should not be overlooked.
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Thank you Eugene. You are right that you can use those different tools/features in WLP/D to do something similar. At this time, in my opinion, only "Edit Description" can be transformed as a basic "Trader journal".

What I see with a real "trader journal" feature is that you have everything in one place which are more propice to help you to track your "trading events / Bias". Integrated with the Portfolio Inspector, you can offer the possibility to see immediate your note linked with the equity curve view (of course if you add this possibility to the equity view). Moreover, if your annotations is linked to a color strategy (for event types), you can see immediately on the equity curve if there is a lot of technical problems, slippages, etc.

If you want, see this suggestion as a "Equity curve annotation" feature ;-).

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The Portfolio Inspector is feature complete. At the moment I am not sure if chart annotations are suitable for its Equity Curve view. I'll put this on the product backlog for a possible future review. Thanks again for your feature request.
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Sorry Alexandre but I have to discard your request. As I see it, there's positively no room for annotations in the Portfolio Inspector.

A ProRealTime-like global trading journal view would be quite an involved change (a new Tool) and I'm not even sure if it's doable.

The experience where a trading journal entry is linked to an instrument is already available with the Callout or Text Note tools. Along with "Edit Description" and the Snapshots, it should cover your basic needs in a trader's journal.
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Ok Eugene. I understand. Thanks in anycase to have take time to study it.
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