Possible to use one license on two computers?
Author: MichiZH
Creation Date: 5/17/2013 8:26 AM
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Just wondered if there is a possiblity to use my office licence also ocasionally on my laptop so I can work while travelling or at home?

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Generally, no. Simply put, it's possible to transfer a Developer 6 license from one PC to another every 60 days. In this case, your revoke a hardware fingerprint. Please note that moving back to the revoked h/w fingerprint on your own is currently not possible (one has to contact support). This basically makes impossible any simultaneous usage of the license on multiple PCs.
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Hi Eugene,

is it possible to transfer the key to an other pc just for a few days and then transferring back.
Or is it a must to wait until the 60 days are over?

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Hi Christian,

Please contact us in the Support portal and we'll try to find a workaround for you.
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Euegene. Can you all please find a workaround for this. Travelling and on labtop and can't log in. Of course there is the Teamviewer solution but not when for some reason it will not start up even though you left it running. Thank you.
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Please create a support ticket and we'll try to find a workaround for you.
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You’ll find the policy much more reasonable once WL7 is released!
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