Morningstar Data for Variable Annuities?
Author: Tumbleweed
Creation Date: 7/14/2014 5:56 PM
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I am trying to pull historical data from Morningstar for Variable Annuities. A lot of Variable Annuities do not provide symbols, but do have a "SecId" in Morningstar. It is possible to search by "SecId" in Morningstar's search tool. However, if I try to use Data Manager with the "SecId" it doesn't work.

Would it be possible to add this function to WL Data Manager's Morningstar Extension? Morningstar is one of the only places to get this data. It would save me, and others, many hours of researching each on of these individually.

Here is an example of a Variable Annuity Sub Account from Morningstar.

JNL EltAccB-JNL/BlackRock Commodity Secs Strat A VAUSA0JT4U
JNL EltAccB-JNL/BlackRock Global Allocation A VAUSA0JT3L
JNL EltAccB-JNL/Brookfield Global Infras and MLP A VAUSA0JT3O
JNL EltAccB-JNL/Eastspring Investments China-India A VAUSA0K6JG
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The above example may be a little confusing as it didn't save the format.

Name: JNL EltAccB-JNL/BlackRock Commodity Secs Strat A SecId: VAUSA0JT4U
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You're out of luck. Morningstar does not have tickers for your securities and without a ticker, they do not exist. There is no data on the server so nothing can be done.

There's something that resembles a ticker (e.g. FOUSA06MST for JNL/Eastspring Investments China-India A) they use internally but even this link, returned by their own server, is broken. Sorry.
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Thanks for looking. This has been extremely frustrating research. There are thousands of these VA sub accounts yet they do not provide tickers. The Bloomberg Data adapter has been the best option thus far, so thank you for providing that. Also, I really appreciate the timely response. Amazing support!
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Good morning, Can u take a look at the following link?
He built an oscillator from Morningstar data that I could not get from the fundamental data extension in wealth lab and you might incorporate in some way.

Seems the data can be download from to build a breadth of the corp bond market and it could be a very useful tool to add to WL.
Many thanks.

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I've looked at the publication and fail to see any connection to the Morningstar data and what can be downloaded there.
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