List of commands used in WealthScript?
Author: Tims
Creation Date: 1/8/2020 6:10 PM
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My boss Tim wants to ask you if there is any way place we can get a simple command list, not a full C+ manual but a list of commands that are used in the execution loops of WealthScript. Tim said thank you in advance for your help.
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It's called QuickRef. Strike F11 key - or highlight a code line in the Editor and strike F1.

You can even get a PDF version from the Wiki at FAQ | General > How to print the PDF manual?
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not a full C+ manual but a list of commands that are used in the execution loops of WealthScript.
This seems confused. Let's clarify. There are three separate things to learn for coding WL strategies:

1) C# (or C++ if you choose to use that language instead). This controls looping and program flow. The other two items below do not.
2) WealthScript framework and member functions. This is documented in the WL QuickRef as discussed in Post# 2. It has nothing to do with program flow.
3) The Microsoft .NET framework. All your major arrays, collections, data types, and I/O are handled here. It has nothing to do with program flow. You can just "casually" lookup things (such as string or date functions) as the need arises. There's nothing to learn up front.

Back to the original question about program flow (looping) and item# 1, if you go to the link and search for the headings: C# - Decision Making and C# - Loops that will cover the program flow issues you're asking about. Understand, this link is a C# quick reference for someone that already knows how to code. It's not meant to be a tutorial.

If you are totally new to programming, it would be helpful and time saving to find a friend that can answer basic questions for you initially. C# is a full featured language, but you do not need to know all the advanced constructs (like classes, structs, interfaces) to code a strategy in WL; keep it simple. Now if you want to develop an external *.dll code library, then you do. But you can wait a year or two down the road to do that, which is what I did.
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If you're new to C#, check out our FAQ:

How do I start with C# ?
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Thank you Eugene and superticker for your response and help.

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Don't mention it.
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