Increase the number of viewable posts on page (old WL5 website)
Author: Adrian
Creation Date: 7/9/2008 12:26 AM
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I am looking a the 'swanky' new forum site, and find it only displays just 13 posts per page. Are you kidding? Then I have to wait forever to load the next page, and then again if I want to go back to the prior page. OMG...what an incredible waste of time. Some other Forum sites are far better designed than this one, and actually give you the option (along with many other options) of deciding how many posts to see on one page. In this day and age most people have fast internet connections. We should be loading at least 100 posts on the one page so its really easy to scroll up and down and get a quick overview. Currently its simply an emabarrassment. Like it was designed by someone who never reads forums, and does not even understand their point.
Please let us know when this change cna be made please.
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Well, I gave it a month. I'm sure long time users of WL won't be surprised that there was never an official
response to this request, nor has anything changed. It is also fascinating that the number of posts appearing here
has largely collapsed since the start of the new forum. No surprise there either. This has to be some of the worst
forum software I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. I coudn't even find a way to do a search by author!! LOL

And of course, even though WLD5 was promised for a new year release, along with various dates along the way, has any seen it yet?
I wrote posts here long long ago saying that the product was dead now that Fidelity took the reigns. A real shame
really, as if the original owners knew what they were doing they could very far wealthier than they are now,
AND have a product out in themarket place for both US and non US people that is a quantum better than the WLP5 version.
So you have to ask yourself whether they really give a damn anymore to end users. The answer you get should be clear.

I can't experess how disappointing it has been for the past 3 years now, to see a good proudct basically die.
The owners stopped listening to end user requests more years ago than I can remember. And the introudction of this
new forum software is just a summation of it all. No wonder people have largely stopped posting anymore. It's junk
on so many levels. You must ask who was the individual who actually decided to go with this? It is clear they aren't
a trader, a developer, nor an interested party. Perhaps some corporate boffin at Fidelity who hasn't a clue?

To be honest, I don't know why I bother writing these posts...I guess I am forever hopefull that an alarm bell will
go off in someones head that actually cares and has the ability to make things happen..but life has taught me this
sort of occurrence is EXCEEDINGLY rare. Sort of tells you why the US is being flushed down the toilet doesn't it LOL

Anyway, my REALLY REALLY simple request still stands...even though the owners and other end users clearly don't care nor
understand the obvious benefit.....and that is to expand the number of posts available on one page to something the user
choose or at least something useful like 100 posts. But,now I realise it might be no one is posting anymore LOL

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I coudn't even find a way to do a search by author!! LOL

The site is still being developed and bugfixed. No one claims it's ready and carved in stone: that's why there's a bold label Beta near the logo on the top of the page. There are many issues and items on the wish list, including, of course, search-related.

The owners stopped listening to end user requests more years ago than I can remember.

Fidelity listens. To me, a good example is how many little and big feature requests of the past were addressed when redesigning the application under the new .NET platform.

and that is to expand the number of posts available on one page to something the user
choose or at least something useful like 100 posts.

Please create a support ticket. Of course every wish takes time to implement but this way it's guaranteed to make it to the developers of the new site.
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To be honest, I don't know why I bother writing these posts...

I don't know either, but when they're something other than vicious insults I might be inclined to reply.
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They aren't vicious insults Cone..just statements of fact...nothing more.

Thankfully Eugene showed much greater maturity by responding in a constructive manner. Eugene, my response would be that while I appreciate the Forum software code probably needs to be altered a little to suit our situation, I do not understand why it seems so antiquated when there is extremely sophisticated forum software already on the market, and has been for a very long time. Good presentation of peoples views, and the easy abilty to classify and search for information amongst a large number of posts is absolutely critical. While this version may still be in beta, my question would be why was it introduced when it wasn't ready for prime time? New forum software shouldn't be running unless it is at least equal to what we had before, with further improvements coming over time to eventually surpass the old software. But currently, the software as it now stand is like an early beta of a prior verison of the old software i.e. something you wouldn't even consider using in today's environment. While I am sure the person who chose it would be offended, and I apologise for that, but frankly that is really of no relevance to be honest.

I do also understand the importance of fixing bugs, and how that can often be a time consuming task for programmers. That would be fine if it meant the release of WLD was being delayed becasue the developers desired to issue a fully fledged bug free product with all features operational, but we know this isn't the case. In actual fact I would have thought there was less work required for the WLD version compared to the Fideltity version, but perhaps I am wrong in that regard. The WLD version will have none of the direct Fidelity why then would it be released AFTER WLP? Software developers well understand that coding usually takes several times longer to complete than initially projected. So experienced developers account for this in their timing. The fact this hasn't been the case for WLD suggests the programmers are not proficient or efficient (one explanation for so many bugs to fix) and thereby tell us the software will be released around XX time, but in fact it never does get reased then or any time even remotely close to their forecasts. This is the ideal way to lose customers. I have little doubt many have already moved on to other products long ago. Unfortunately, so many major corproations are run this way. They destroy wealth for shareholders either by losing money or simply not making as much as they easily could. It should come as no surprise that so many companies in America are in seriously bad shape financially. It's all about understanding the market, understanding their clients, their needs, and how best to serve those needs, and at the same time make a good return for shareholders. Surprisingly, they do in fact go hand in hand.

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Adding the implication that I'm immature doesn't help convince me that your arguments do not have an insulting tone.
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Cone, there is no need to be feeling insulted. Customers will always complain, and customer service need to be calm and polite...that should be part of the company policy. But I guess you can afford to be little rude since Fidelity is probably not monitoring this website. And you should be thankful to Adrian for giving valuable feedback.

Adrian, thanks for the nice post!

It is really strange how the interest on this forum has decreased drastically in last few months. Is there some new hot product somewhere else? :)
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