Can you change title of System
Author: giorgos
Creation Date: 4/10/2017 1:04 AM
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I would like to change the name of my system prior to making it public. Is it possible and how can it be done? Would like to change my current system name from "Portfolio Management - High Return, Very small drawdown" to "Rharian Portfolio - High Returns Low Volatility"
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Sorry, changing the system's name is difficult if possible. Given that it have yet to build an out-of-sample track anyway after joining the TSSN*, I'd suggest that you create a system from scratch under the new name and re-upload its backtest history.
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Eugene - I have a related problem. I would like to change some things in the body copy within the strategy’s description.
I guess this would have to be done under a new title, eh?

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Nope. Simply click the blue Admin button and choose "Edit System Description" from the dropdown.
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