"Loading Please Wait" never goes away
Author: jackmanjls
Creation Date: 8/11/2009 7:49 PM
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If I go to the general forum and view items on the first page I can clk in and out of what's displayed to read about the diff subjects. When I go to the bottom of the page and clk to go to page 2 I get the dialog box that says "Loading Please Wait". After about 5 mins the dialog is still there so I close the browser to get out.

Any ideas on what might be the issue?
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Seems to work okay for me. It could have been a temporary glitch. If it's persistent for you, please create a support ticket, identifying your browser.
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I did get all to work if I closed ATPro and Wealth-Lab. ATPro is running in "streaming" mode so its possible that it takes up most of the resources???
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Is ATP still required for WLP5? Didn't think so.
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