[DUPLICATE] Neuro-Lab: how do I interpret the Evaluations?
Author: pestocat2
Creation Date: 1/12/2020 11:39 PM
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I have installed the Neuro-Lab indicator and 'trained' the networks, but I'm not sure what the 'Evaluations' are telling me. I have read all the information in the User Guide and played with the stocks in my portfolio using the 'Evaluation' tool.For instance, the column NN Indicator shows a range of numbers as output. If I see a higher range compared with other stocks; what does this mean? Then on the far-right I see a vertical bar chart with red and green bars; what does this mean. In other works how do I use this Neuro-Lab tool.
Thank you
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There's a pretty good NeuroLab thread here... Neuro-Lab: Interpretation of NNIndicator and Evaluate Performance
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