MS123 PosSizer Library
by MS123 (Eugene)

This is the library of money management methods for Wealth-Lab 6. The following techniques to size positions are included:

* Constant Risk
* Control Drawdown
* Drawdown/Runup
* D-VaR position sizing
* Equity Breakout
* Extraordinary opportunities
* Fixed Ratio
* Graded equity percentage
* Increasing risk % with growing equity
* Kelly criterion
* Larry Williams method
* Limit monthly drawdown
* Losing streaks
* Market's Money
* No Profit/Loss Sharing
* Percent volatility
* Percent Winners Pos.Sizing (% Equity)
* Portfolio Heat
* Portfolio Balancing
* Position Options (many helpful and time-saving options)
* Position sizing with the Trend
* Priority adjustment
* Pyramiding
* Random PosSizer (random position size)
* ROR as Benchmark
* Secure F
* Spread Equity Equally
* Timid/Bold Equity
* Trade Outcome
* TSSF (Trading System Safety Factor)
* Trading the Equity Curve
* Win Increases (Equity momentum)
* Winning streaks
* Withdrawal

Demo source code is available here: Wealth-Lab Wiki

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Publisher: MS123
Category: Addin
Version: 2020.09
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Pro and Developer
# of Downloads: 11
Forum posts: 7
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