Data Manager stopped updating Fidelity EOD data (only)
Author: cmtn
Creation Date: 12/2/2017 4:15 PM
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My daily symbols are not updating when I click the "Update all data for selected Providers now" in the Data Manager. This stopped working a few days ago and I don't know why.

The minute and 10 minute symbols are updating. Nothing is in the log about the daily symbols.

I can update individual sets one at a time, but this is tedious.

I use the Fidelity data provider.

I am logged in.

I am using version

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In the first place, please consider updating to v6.9.19.

Having encountered an error message or an issue, please always check out these page before reporting it:

1. Known Errors
2. Open Issues

In particular, this issue is known and could be resolved by following one of workarounds here:

Open Issues > Fidelity data can not be updated except for...
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How do I get v6.9.19?

If I click Help...Software Upgrade, I get this message: "The installed version of Wealth Lab Pro is current."

My About screen says I'm on 6.9.17.

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6.9.19 aside, have you been able to fix the Fidelity data update?